DONOR: PEPFAR, Nike Foundation, Gates Foundation through USAID through Global Communities (Partners for Good)

PARTNERS: Kenya Girl Guides (KGGA) and St Johns Community Centre (SJCC)

DURATION: 22 Months 1st September – 30th June 2017

AREA OF IMPLEMENTATION: Pumwani Ward, Nairobi County

GOAL: The initiative aims at helping 2500 Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYWs) have a DREAM life;

D- Determined

R – Resilient

E – Empowered

A – Aids Free

M – Mentored

S – Safe Lives


How DREAMS initiative Works

DREAMS is based on the recognition that girls can – and often do reach their full potential when they have access to multiple interventions , and when they are perceived as capable by themselves and by their relatives, classmates, teachers and other members of their communities


Over the Next two years Global communities and its partners (KGGA and SJCC) will work with 2500 adolescent girls and young women between 10 – 24 years of age from Pumwani Ward and the Greater community to ensure these girls achiever their DREAMS.

The project will emphasize;

  1. Healthy Sexual Behavior including abstinence and delayed sexual debut
  2. Gender Norms
  3. Prevention of GBV
  4. Life skills
  5. Prevention of drug and alcohol abuse
  6. Adherence to Anti- Retroviral Therapy
  7. Positive attitude towards people living with HIV, Stigma reduction and livelihoods
  8. Positive health seeking behaviors




Global communities will employ a two- prolonged approach, blending customized individual support to adolescent girls and young women, as well as strengthening of education, health, social and economic systems. The effort of DREAMS Pumwani will not only create positive lasting impact on at risk adolescent and young women but also the greater community. Key approaches including community dialogue, sensitization, outreach, on-site support, mentorship, coaching and training and other techniques will address the challenges facing adolescent girls and young women in Pumwani ward. The project will include meaningful involvement and expertise from various stakeholders including teachers, school administrators, caregivers, ward administrators, officials from law enforcement and legal fields religious leaders and relevant government departments at national, county and sub- county level. The comprehensive approach will ensure that participants benefit from all major sectors of their community in a coordinated approach likely to be more successful because of widespread community buy –in.



  1. Lead mapping and recruitment of schools in Pumwani ward and its environs
  2. Lead school based recruitment of AGYW who are between 10- 14 & 15- 19yrs
  3. Lead implementation of Peer Education , Comprehensive Sexual Education, Life skills education using approved EBIs for all in school AGYW
  4. Train PEs and Girls on LSE,CSE HIV prevention, GBV prevention and Gender Norms through co-curricular activities
  5. Identification and individualized pathways of support for each enrolled AGYW
  6. Participate in the identification of available networks to link students affected by HIV ,AIDS and GBV for comprehensive treatment , care and support
  7. Strengthen school based governance structures on HIV and GBV prevention and Gender Norms