This is the core programme of the Kenya Girl Guides Association whose mandate is to enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. The programme seeks to expand the coverage of the movement, targeting most primary and secondary schools in Kenya. Implementation of this programme will reinvigorate the movement and strengthen the new county aligned governance structures through increased membership recruitment, skills training and resource development to build a vibrant movement of over one million members in Kenya.


With a current membership of 159,000 members, over 90 years’ experience in impacting positive values to girls and a pool of an alumni committed to service to the nation, and humanity, the potential for growth is enormous. KGGA will use this invaluable experience, pool of resources and exploit modern technology to reach and train more girls and young women in Kenya. We will use educational based principles to impact their values, equip them with skills, empower and encourage them to reach their fullest potential and take action to change the world around them.

Expected Impact:

KGGA envisages a cohesive nation where girls and young women are valued and empowered by the society and are taking active roles to address issues affecting them and the society. They will be well prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing world by building Character, Creativity, Citizenship, Communication, Collaboration and Commitment: The impact will be measured by the number of women trained and taking up active advocacy and leadership roles in their society.

Desired Results:

  • KGGA membership rises to 1 million members by 2017
  • Enhanced governance and operational structure due to alignment to the county administrative structure.
  • KGGA training curriculum and training resources digitalized to increase reach and efficiency.
  • Increase in number and capacities of trainers, mentors and coaches of young people through training of teachers and increased alumnae interactions by 2017.


Rainbows- 3-6yrs, preschool

Brownies 6-9yrs lower primary

Girl guides, 9-13yrs, upper pry

Rangers 14-18yrs, secondary

Young leaders 18-30yrs

Trefoil guild above 35yrs