KGGA provides adult training, learning and development courses conducted by skilled and enthusiastic volunteer facilitators throughout the year. Volunteers are encouraged to take advantage of as many courses as they can to provide the best growth experiences possible for girls.

KGGA Adult Training, Learning and Development endorses the Girl Guiding Method as a means of enabling adult members to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to ensure the delivery of high quality Girl Guiding educational programmes.


  1. Introductory Girl Guiding Training. This is an Introduction of Girl Guiding Basic Training Course. The training targets new Unit Leaders and other interested volunteers e.g. education officers, parents, sponsors of school, religious, out of school youth, young leaders, staff, management and National Council members. Each Adult Leader is provided with information and instruction about how the Association operates and how her role fits in to the work of the whole Association.
  2. Pre-Warrant Training for Unit Leaders. The Training is focused on how to manage a unit effectively and to equip warranted experience to Guide Leaders with training skills, knowledge and expertise.
  3. Advanced Guiders Training. This is a further training of Pre-warrant according to individual needs. The Training aims to equip leaders with skills for the development of Vibrant Girl Guide Units in their communities.
  4. Specialized Trainings such as Camp craft Training, First Aid. Competence based training to equip adult leaders with skills in managing projects and resource mobilization for guiding activities and putting girls in the lead.
  5. Training for National Commissioners, County, Commissioners, Sub-County and Divisional Commissioners Training… To cover the ways in which the commissioner in Guiding can help develop the movement and facilitate the growth of guiding in the their administrative areas
  6. Training of Trainers on Adult Facilitation techniques and methods in Guiding
  7. National Council and Executive Committee Leadership course
  8. Assessors Training for Assessments of Training Courses
  9. Mentorship and Coaching in Guiding Training
  10. Branch Advisors Training on Girl guiding Programme
  11. Staff Training— Professional Development


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