DONOR: FK NORWAY through Africa Region- WAGGGS





This is a partnership with Africa Region World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and FK Norway, which involved participants from 4 countries namely; Kenya Uganda, Burundi and South Africa.

In the YESS 2015 Kenya Girl Guides Association sent two able young leaders to Burundi and South Africa and in return they received young leaders from Burundi and Uganda for the 6 months exchange experience.

During the exchange experience several activities were carried out by the YESS participants in Kenya.



  1. Recruit at least 300 new young leaders
  2. Develop and establish guidelines on recruitment and retention of young leaders
  3. Build young leaders capacity on development of young leaders branch
  4. Train at Least 20 young leaders and staff on volunteer support
  5. Share best practices with 40 young leaders and staff on the empowerment of young leaders into leadership
  6. Participation in Kenya Girl Guides Activities
  7. Information work and creation of a 100 picture entitled “My exchange experience in pictures”



  1. We have a draft document on recruit and retention which can be used by the association for current and future references
  2. 325 young leaders have been recruited from Nyandarua, Siaya, Kisumu and Homabay Counties
  3. 20 young leaders and staff have been trained on Volunteer Support
  4. Young Leaders from Nairobi County have had their capacity build on how to develop their young leader’s branch. New branches have been established; Kibera Girls Centre, Siaya Young leaders Branch, Nyandarua young leaders Branch, Kisumu Young leaders Branch
  5. 12 KGGA staff an 46 young leaders have benefited from the sharing of best practices on the empowerment of young leaders
  6. They have participated in various KGGA activities where they have had different roles like logistics, Ushering, Planting trees etc. In the process they have interacted with the KGGA management, Young leaders, KGGA partners and Friends of Guiding.
  7. Through the YESS exchange program Girl Guiding in Kenya has improved in terms of Membership growth, Visibility, Quality of girl guiding experience through the YESS participants and the development of Young Women Leadership capacity.


After the Six months exchange experience the participants are expected to do follow up work activities from their Member Organizations for two months.



  1. Volunteer Support Training to 20 young leaders
  2. Suggest Improvements to the volunteer policy
  3. Set up a volunteer support desk at KGGA
  4. Build capacity of young leaders on the development of young leaders branch
  5. Establish guidelines on recruitment and retention of young leaders
  6. Recruitment at least 300 young leaders in the country
  7. Facilitation of peer sessions with young leaders and share learning with them
  8. Share best practices with 40 young leaders and staff on empowerment of young leaders and volunteer support services based on the exchange experience



  1. 20 new young leaders have been trained on Volunteer support
  2. A draft of the volunteer policy has been developed
  3. A proposal of the volunteer support desk and its location has been developed
  4. 302 young leaders have been recruited from Mombasa, Homabay, Baringo and Nyeri counties
  5. Sharing of best practices has been done to 130 young leaders In Muranga, Nyandarua, Kajiado and Nairobi Counties
  6. A refinement of the draft recruitment and retention document has been done
  7. 4 peer sessions have been done and in each peer session the YESS participants have shared their learnings and also encouraged the young leaders to participate in the YESS program


YESS 2016

YESS 2016 will involve 35 participants from 9 countries namely; Kenya Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Madagascar.

The participants will be in a 6 months exchange program. Through the Youth Exchange South to South (YESS) Girls Movement, the 35 African girls and young women Leaders will be able to go, see, learn, practice and bring back what is done elsewhere in other countries other than their own; in turn bringing to their host organizations strengths and experiences from their home Associations.

The half year experience and interaction with other participants and people, will enable the girls and young women leaders to appreciate cultural diversity across Africa and beyond; hence strengthening their spirit of tolerance and respect for cultural differences between their countries. This is a core attribute for any good leader.

KGGA will be receiving 4 participants from;

  1. Madagascar
  2. Rwanda
  3. South Africa
  4. Zambia

KGGA will send out 4 participants to;

  1. Madagascar
  2. Rwanda
  3. Tanzania
  4. Zimbabwe